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Event Report: The Intersections of Child Protection and Family Law

Updated: May 26, 2022

A few weeks ago on the 27th June 2019, the VFLPN hosted 'The Intersections of Child Protection and Family Law' event.

Check out some photos from the event below!


This forum featured a presentation from our keynote speaker, Samantha Davis, the co-located Child Protection Principal Practice Adviser - Family Law Liaison, who spoke to Child Protections processes of investigation and intervention in relation to reports and how they may interact with family law proceedings.

Following the presentation our expert panel of professionals (pictured above) discussed a hypothetical scenario in which we will follow a family during their matter as it intersects between the two jurisdictions and the different stakeholders they meet along the way.

The panel concluded with audience questions. Thank you to our speakers and to all those who attended!

*Please note that the above slides are the most recent version, having been amended on 5 September 2019

A previous version of the slides were originally uploaded that did not contain amendments to slide 18.

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