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  • Jane Holford

Family Law: "a bowl of spaghetti with no mince"

On 20 June 2019 the ALRC published the 'Family Law - Summary of Tell Us Your Story Responses'.

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As part of the Family Law Inquiry, the ALRC established the Tell Us Your Story project — an online submission portal where individuals were encouraged to anonymously share personal stories of their experiences with the family law system. The note provides aggregated data regarding the number and nature of individual stories that included complaints against actors in the family law system and about the system in general. This note is intended to supplement the ALRC’s final report, which provides, at Chapter 3, a high level summary of the data collected from the Tell Us Your Story project. (Copyright ALRC)

There were a number of complaints regarding different parts of the family law system; with court systems and procedures, lawyers, judges, substantive law, and family report writers/family consultants each receiving over 100 complaints.


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