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"Facilitating Change" - the POP/PSCOP Good Practice Forum

Representatives from the POP/PSCOP Managers Group

The VFLPN (Greater Melbourne) and Victorian Parenting Orders Program (POP) and Post Separation Co-Operative Parenting (PSCOP) Managers Group, made up of representatives from Mallee Family Care, CatholicCare, FamilyLife, Each and Upper Murray Family Care collaborated to present "Facilitating Change" - the POP/PSCOP Good Practice Forum on the 8th of May 2017.

The forum was targeted towards workers who are assisting change within high conflict families. It focused on developing effective practice with families whom are required by a Parenting Order to attend a Parenting Orders Program, a PSCOP or family counselling. The overall objective was to enhance practice skills, share professionals’ practice expertise and develop stronger collaborative relationships.

The event was facilitated by Tania Brookes of Mallee Family Care. The keynote speakers were Bruce Smyth and Lawrie Moloney - who presented on addressing hatred when assisting changes within high conflict families. Each participating organisation then gave a presentation on the following topics for their colleagues consideration.

  • CatholicCare: Facilitating Child and Parent Reunification/Reconnection

  • FamilyLife: Intensive Family Practice within a Parenting Orders Program context

  • Upper Murray Family Care: Integrating Practice between POP and CCS

  • Mallee Family Care: Speaking with Parents about the 5 Languages of Love for Kids

The event marked the inaugural collaboration between the VFLPN - Greater Melbourne and the POP/PSCOP Managers which will see another collaborative event being held in March 2018.

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