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Royal Commission into Family Violence

On Sunday, 22 February 2015, the Governor, His Excellency, the Hon. Alex Chernov AC QC, signed the letters patent appointing former Justice Marcia Neave AO as Commissioner and Patricia Faulkner AO and Tony Nicholson as Deptuy Commissioners to the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

In keeping with its terms of reference, the Royal Commission aims to make recommendations which:

  • Foster a violence-free society

  • Reduce and aim to eliminate family violence

  • Prevent the occurrence and escalation of family violence

  • Build respectful family relationships

  • Increase awareness of the extent and effects of family violence

  • Reinforce community rejection of the use of family violence

  • Ensure the safety of people who are or may be affected by family violence, by:

  • Facilitating early intervention before violence occurs

  • Providing fast, effective responses to those who report family violence

  • Providing effective protections to adults and children who have been affected by family violence in the past, and remain at risk of family violence

  • Support adults and children who have been affected by family violence

  • Hold those who have been violent accountable for their actions

  • Help people who use or may use family violence to change their behaviour.

The Royal Commission is due to provide its report and recommendations to the government by Monday, 29 February 2016.

For more information about how the Royal Commission into Family Violence works including its submissions process and details about public hearings, refer to the link below:

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