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Family Dispute Resolution Through a Trauma-Informed Lens

FDR through a trauma informed lens or (TFDR) is a program that builds from existing understanding of family violence (including AVERT) and training programs in working with vulnerable parties. It considers how FDRPs, lawyers and others can work in new ways, taking into account the impacts of trauma on the capacity of clients to participate in negotiation and decision making, giving instructions, receiving information, taking advice, or just being in the same room as an ex-partner. The training is interactive and skills based and presents a variation to traditional models of FDR and interviewing that may create the space for people who are easily triggered into “hyper” and “hypo” arousal to find strategies for remaining engaged in our processes. The program has been piloted with Sydney Catholic Care, Bankstown FRC, and Lawyers from two Community Legal Centres. The feedback was extremely positive.

Group or individual bookings or for more information, please contact Laura on 0488 224 228

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