Coordinating services for separating families through collaboration between organisations operating within family law

The Family Law Pathways Network is an initiative of the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department. There are over 30 Family Law Pathways Networks across Australia establishing coordinated networks of professionals working in the family law system.

The Family Law Pathways Network mandate is to:

  • Provide networking and collaborative opportunities for practitioners working in the family law and support services sector, and

  • Foster appropriate referral pathways for separating families caught in the system.

Separating families face a range of problems. They often need legal and non-legal advice or support. By encouraging professionals to work together, learn and share information, we aim to:

  • Dispel professional myths and break down barriers to collaboration.

  • Improve coordination between organisations operating in the family law system.

  • Cultivate a shared understanding of professional roles within the sector.

For more information on the Victorian Family Law Pathways Network closest to you please see the Networks tab.