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The Meaning of Home for Children and Young People After Parental Separation Study - Recruitment.

The University of Melbourne, Flinders University and the Australian National University are undertaking a study that aims to explore the meaning of home for children and young people in separated families.

The study, entitled: ‘The Meaning of Home for Children and Young People After Parental Separation’, is being conducted by Professor Belinda Fehlberg (University of Melbourne ), Associate Professor Bruce Smyth (ANU), Associate Professor Kristin Natalier (Flinders University) and Dr Monica Campo (University of Melbourne).

The researchers are hoping to interview children and young people aged 8-18 years and one of their parents.

Participant Requirements:

  • Children and young people aged 8-18 and one of their parents who have separated on or after June 2012, and

  • Are not currently involved in any family law proceedings, and

  • who live in either Victoria, South Australia or the ACT

to each take part in a 45-minute interview. As a thank you, all participants will receive a $30 gift voucher.

For further details see our website : https://law.unimelb.edu.au/research-programs/meaning-of-home

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