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Information and Referral Kiosks

iRefer VIC is a resource for clients and professionals within the area of family law to self-select and contact services to assist them. The iRefer VIC can be used on your browser and downloaded on desktop, Apple and Android devices.


The app is installed on kiosks located within Melbourne and Dandenong Commonwealth Law Courts as well as at the Specialist Family Violence Courts in Victoria.


People are welcome to search for information that may assist them. The kiosks at the Commonwealth Law Courts are attended by volunteers several days a week, and these volunteers can assist with locating the most appropriate service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the the Information & Referral Kiosk?
The kiosk is a free service to help individuals and families find and connect with post-separation services within Victoria. Kiosk attendants are available at certain times to assist in this process.

Who runs the Kiosk?
The Kiosk is an initiative run by the Family Law Pathways Network and is attended by volunteers. The Kiosk draws from information in the iRefer Vic app, available for free download onto smart phones and devices.


Who can use the kiosk?
Any individuals who are looking for information on post-separation services are welcome to attend.


When can you use the Kiosk?
The Kiosk is attended by volunteers Monday to Thursday mornings (Melbourne) and Monday to Wednesday mornings (Dandenong), but the app is available 24/7 and is available for free download onto any smartphone or tablet.


The Kiosk is located at the Melbourne and Dandenong Commonwealth Law Courts, and at the Specialist Family Violence Courts in Victoria.


Programs the Kiosk attendants can refer you to include:

• Parent Education Programs
• Community Legal Centres
• Legal Aid
• Children Contact Services
• Family Violence Programs
• Counselling
• Addiction Support
• Children’s Services
• Family Relationship Centres
• Family Dispute Resolution
• Indigenous Services
• CALD services
• Property Dispute
• Sexual Assault Support
• And many more…



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