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The VFLPN - Greater Melbourne Network Bulletin is a regular circulation to keep our membership up to date on our activities and news across the family law sector.  

October 2021 Bulletin

  • VFLPN Greater Melbourne Update

  • The new Federal Circuit & Family Court of Australia

  • New case management pathway

  • 10 core principles & terminology changes

  • Child dispute services, family consultants and how they report under the new structure

  • New Court lists (contravention and major complex financial proceedings)

  • New VFLPN educational video: Family Dispute Resolution under the Family Law Act

  • What's going on in the sector


August 2021 Bulletin

  • VFLPN Greater Melbourne Update

  • Courts to merge on 1 September 2021

  • Federal Family Violence Orders Scheme report published

  • Consultation Paper: Information sharing between child protection, family violence & family law systems

  • Development of national principles on addressing coercive control

  • Our educational videos: Family Law Counsellors under the Family Law Act

  • iRefer VIC family law referral database

  • What's going on in the sector

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June 2021 Bulletin

  • VFLPN membership survey winner announced!

  • Reporting date extended for the Joint Select Committee on Australia's Family Law System

  • A new decision-making framework for property matters in family law

  • Updates from the family law courts

  • Budget Overview: announcements relevent to the family law sector

  • Extraordinary meeting of the Attorney-General's

  • Program Spotlight: Family Advocacy and Support Services (FASS)

  • What's going on in the sector - resources & updates


April 2021 Bulletin

  • FLPN funding has been extended until 2024!

  • FLPN Webinar: Dispute Resolution Events in the FCA and FCC

  • Government responds to the ALRC Family Law Inquiry

  • The establishment of a national accreditation scheme for children's contact services

  • The 5-year anniverary of the Royal Commission into Family Violence

  • The Inquiry into family, domestic & sexual violence has released its final report

  • What's going on in the sector - The Age series on family violence - are families safer?

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March 2021 Bulletin

  • iRefer VIC (version 3) is out now!

  • FLPN Webinar: Parental Alienation in the Australian Family Law System (contradictions, collisions & consequences)

  • Family law inquiry due date extended again

  • AIFS Survey: compliance & enforcement in family law proceedings

  • Program Spotlight: what is a children's contact service? (video resource)

  • What's going on in the sector - resources & updates

Copy of FLPN templates - landscape - 202

January 2021 Bulletin

  • Welcome to the new year!

  • FLPN Webinar: Understanding Coercive Control with Jess Hill

  • COVID-19 List expanded to help families affected by pandemic

  • DHHS to be separated into two new departments

  • Now Hiring: Family Consultants

  • iRefer Vic Referral Database

  • What's going on in the sector - resources & updates

Copy of Copy of Copy of Greater Melbourn

November 2020 Bulletin

  • Untested allegations of sexual abuse in family law proceedings webinar

  • 'Kinchela Boys - Restoring our Family Structures' event premiere

  • Interim report of family law inquiry released

  • Senate Committee recommends controversial Court merger bill

  • Resisting collusion with male perpetrators online training

  • Funding announcement for family and relationship support services sector

  • New Emergency Relief category added to iRefer VIC app & COVID-19 service delivery 

  • Sector updates & resources

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September 2020 Bulletin

  • Upcoming & past FLPN webinars

  • 'The Lighthouse Project'

  • Commencement of 
    public hearings for the new family violence inquiry

  • Delay in findings of the new family law inquiry

  • Tips for clients attending family court online

  • Sector updates & resources

Re-imagining just and safe outcomes for

July 2020 Bulletin

  • General Updates including new national FLPN webinar series 

  • Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adolescents event presented by Nathan Wallis

  • Annual Activity Report 

  • Bill introduced to abolished presumption of shared parental responsibility

  • New family violence inquiry announced 

  • amica - a new online tool for separating couples

  • Sector updates and resources


May 2020 Bulletin

  • Funding extension

  • National FLPN webinar series 

  • Western suburbs collaborative meetings

  • COVID-19 service updates 

  • Sunshine FRC property mediation event

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March 2020 Bulletin

  • COVID-19 Service Delivery Updates and Resources  


January 2020 Bulletin

  • Welcome to the new year!

  • Updates to Victoria Legal Aid's service delivery

  • Family violence workforce census

  • Community trauma toolkit  

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November 2019 Bulletin

  • Call for submissions for the Joint Select Committee's Inquiry into theFamily Law System

  • Child Support in Parenting Disputes event

  • iRefer VIC application improvement project

  • Emerging Minds - Practitioner Resources call for feedback 

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August 2019 Bulletin

  • Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme & MARAM framework event

  • FRSA National Conference 2019

  • Independent review of the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme released

  • Opportunity to attend an event by the Victorian Association of Dispute Resolution 

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May 2019 Bulletin

  • Welcome to our new cohort of volunteers!

  • Australian Law Reform Commission's review of the Family Law System

  • LGBTIQ Families in Family Law forum

  • The Intersections of Child Protection and Family Law event 


February 2019 Bulletin

  • VFLPN funding announcement!

  • Outcome measurement tool for family dispute resolution

  • VFLPN membership update project

  • Upcoming Dandenong Collaborative meetings


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