COVID-19 & Children's Contact Centres

Last week, ACCSA facilitated a teleconference for affiliated private Children's Contact Centres to provide an opportunity for Children's Contact Centres to discuss Covid-19 and its implications for safe service delivery. See the statement below from ACCSA's board regarding this teleconference:

A Day in the Life of a Child Protection Lawyer

On the 19th of February 2020 the Greater Melbourne Family Law Pathways Network hosted a practical workshop in conjunction with Victoria Legal Aid to help students learn about child protection and the role of a Child Protection Lawyer. The training aimed to provide students with an understanding of the law regarding child protection and offer practical tips around navigating the child protection jurisdiction as a lawyer. The speakers, Jenny and James, began by introducing the basics of child protection and discussed the role of the ‘Department’ (the Department of Health and Human Services’). A huge distinction between the child protection jurisdiction and family law/family violence jurisdicti


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