Joint Practice Directions

The Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia and the Chief Judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia has issued a practice direction containing a statement of 10 core principles to guide the exercise of the family law jurisdiction in both courts. This is said by the courts to be the first step in harmonising the practices between the two courts in family law and developing a consistent approach to case management. More information is located on the respective websites: Family Court website click: Federal Circuit Court website click:

Update on changes to VLA's family and children’s law programs

Based on stakeholder consultations, Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) has announced their decisions to change child protection and family law services to make financial savings in line with their funding availability. Below is a short summary of the changes to be implemented. The full announcement can be accessed by clicking here. The full announcement includes time-frames for implementation, changes that VLA did not implement, original proposals as well as more detail on stakeholder feedback regarding specific decisions. Child protection legal services (state-funded) VLA will now: - Require legal aid-funded parties to seek costs against the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) if the DHHS

Event Report: Child Support in Parenting Disputes

On the 5th of December 2019 the Greater Melbourne Family Law Pathways Network ran an event in conjunction with Victoria Legal Aid’s Child Support Legal Service to discuss “Child Support in Parenting Disputes”. The event featured presentations from Kathryn Lieschke and Georgia Millen from Victoria Legal Aid’s Child Support Legal Service. The presenters provided an overview of the Child Support System (by describing the general tenor of the relevant legislation as at November 2019). A multitude of content was covered, including an inside look at the kinds of matters Victoria Legal Aid’s Child Support Service can assist clients with, as well as general discussions regarding the types of child s

Event Report: The Voice of the Child in Family Law featuring "Tommy"

On the 14th of November 2019 the Greater Melbourne Family Law Pathways Network ran an event discussing the ‘The Voice of the Child in Family Law featuring ‘Tommy’’. The event featured presentations from Dr Rachel Carson from the Australian Institute of Family Studies and Darren Mort from the ‘To Be Loved’ foundation. Ensuring the voice of the child is heard is an important and often challenging part of any practitioners work. Dr Rachel Carson presented on the finding from the Children and Young People in Separated Families Project final report (2018), alongside practical recommendations for professionals seeking to include the voice of the child in their practice. Darren provided a brief hi

VFLPN - Pro Bono & Social Justice Guide

The VFLPN is pleased to be included in the St Patrick's Law Student Society's (at ACU) Pro Bono & Social Justice Guide. See below for our feature in the guide, and for more information about our volunteering program.


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