Victoria Police: Response to Family Violence

On Monday 19 November, the Victorian Family Law Pathways Network hosted “Victoria Police: Response to Family Violence”. The event was an opportunity for network members to engage with representatives from Victoria Police. The presenter, Detective Senior Sergeant Craig McEvoy from Melbourne’s Family Violence Investigation Unit (FVIU) discussed how the Victorian Police respond to Family Violence incidents by clarifying the role of the FVIU, outlining their Code of Practice, risk assessment processes, the difficulties in collecting evidence as well as the reforms implement in the wake of the Royal Commission into Family Violence. Detective Senior Sergeant Craig McEvoy began the presentation by

Parental Alienation: Clinical and Legal Perspectives

On the 10th of October, Dr Jennifer Neoh & Jacky Campbell presented ‘Parental Alienation: Clinical and Legal Perspectives’. The event began at 3pm and ran until 5pm. 90 people attended. Both speakers presented for 30 minutes each. Dr Neoh covered the clinical perspective to parental alienation by identifying the clinical issues that are commonly associated with these cases. She gave a comprehensive explanation of what Reportable Intensive Family Therapy (RIFT) is, why it is her preferred therapeutic method for parental alienation cases, and its potential outcomes. Jacky Campbell discussed the legal perspective, providing helpful advice for solicitors to follow. She recommended useful strateg


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