Masterclass: Assessing Families and Report Writing

The VFLPN (Pathways) held a masterclass entitled “Assessing Families and Report Writing” on Wednesday the 8th of November. The event was the final of a tripartite series presented by clinical psychologist Dr Jennifer Neoh. The theme of the masterclass focused on the topic of family reports, outlining some of the different approaches employed to assess families in preparation of such reports and common strengths and weaknesses in their composition. Note: The event summary is a generalised account of the forum speaker’s presentation, not a verbatim transcript. This report is designed for readers to get an idea of the forums content in lieu of a reliable audio recording Dr Neoh began her talk b

Afghani Women and Family Law

On Tuesday the 10th of October 2017, the Victorian Family Law Pathways Network (VFLPN) hosted the forum ‘Afghan Women and Family Law’. The forum aimed to place a spotlight on Afghan culture with the intention of assisting professionals to develop enhanced cultural understandings of Afghan women accessing the family law system, whilst simultaneously highlighting some of the key issues within the community. The event was facilitated by Laura Villemagne-Sánchez, Associate at Forte Family Lawyers and member of the VFLPN Steering Committee. Keynote speaker, Gula Bezhan, a case worker for Catholicares’ Refugee and Settlement program and President of the Afghan Women’s Organisation Victoria, provid

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