Working with Male Perpetrators of Family Violence

The VFLPN’s (Pathways) winter forum entitled Working with Male Perpetrators of Family Violence occurred on the 29th of June 2017. Key note speaker Scott Mills, Practice Development Specialist for Family Violence at Relationships Australia Victoria, presented on strategies and approaches on how to successfully provide support to a male perpetrator while remaining non-collusive. Anita Morris, Chief Practitioner Family Violence for DHHS, discussed the issue from a child’s perspective and how family violence impacts a child and Elicia Savvas and Nerida Mulvey, Senior Lawyers at Victoria Legal Aid, presented a lawyers perspective of how to best engage a client who has perpetrated family violence

Children and Young People in Separated Families: Family Law Experience and Needs Survey

The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) has been commissioned by the Federal Attorney General's Department to undertake the Children and young people in separated families: family law system experiences and needs project. The aim of this project is to build on the existing empirical base on families to develop a better understanding of experiences of children and young people after the separation of their parents and the extent to which their needs are met within existing family law system formats. AIFS are looking for children and young people between 10 & 17 years old whose parents engage with family law services to participate in in-depth, semi-structured individual interviews.

"Facilitating Change" - the POP/PSCOP Good Practice Forum

The VFLPN (Greater Melbourne) and Victorian Parenting Orders Program (POP) and Post Separation Co-Operative Parenting (PSCOP) Managers Group, made up of representatives from Mallee Family Care, CatholicCare, FamilyLife, Each and Upper Murray Family Care collaborated to present "Facilitating Change" - the POP/PSCOP Good Practice Forum on the 8th of May 2017. The forum was targeted towards workers who are assisting change within high conflict families. It focused on developing effective practice with families whom are required by a Parenting Order to attend a Parenting Orders Program, a PSCOP or family counselling. The overall objective was to enhance practice skills, share professionals’ prac

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